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Totality and Summer ...

Hello Friends -

  It has been such lovely weather this weekend and with that lovely weather I have been thinking about summer quilts. A quilt that is light and airy and ready to be used for a picnic or for laying under a shade tree and counting the fluffy clouds. Please do not be afraid to use a quilt outside in the summer. I have a few tips for the quilt care of a summer quilt.

  1. Use a darker fabric for the backing, as you will not see stains and dirt quite as much.

  2. I tend to spot clean my summer quilts if they get dirty or stained and then I give the entire quilt a good tub wash at the end of the season.

  3. After final cleaning, I roll them up onto butcher paper and store until next year.

My summer quilts are just that, quilts that I use outside during the warm weather. They are my work horse quilts. We take them on vacation, to the 4th of July fireworks, road trips, picnics, etc... Quilts should be made to be used and no other quilt quite emphasizes that as much as a summer quilt. So, enjoy your quilts all year round.

Now for a little trip in the way-back machine. Some of you have asked me about photos of my grandmother, who taught me to quilt. It just so happened that this photo came up on my photo roll this past week and oh the memories that it brought back. Yes, that's me in flower child days there in the center, my father to the left and my brother in front. Then there is my great grandfather, whom I adored. My dad was just like him in many ways. And, there she is, my grandmother, holding me close as she always did

. Every second that I spent with her was a joy, a time to dream and an education. I miss her.

Grandpa J.W.'s Garden Early 1970's

Grandma, was a truly strong , patient woman and she was exceptionally talented when it came to quilting. When she passed, there were still a couple hundred quilt tops that needed attention, plus all of the finished quilts. I hope you enjoy the photo.

Now, onto "Totality," the wall quilt in honor of the 2024 Total Eclipse. This week the subject of Quilt Lab is the 54-40 or Fight block Variation A, but I also showed you the layout of the quilt that we are making. Although, I plan to hang my quilt, it would also make a truly beautiful gift for a new baby or as a decorative medallion quilt for your home.

Totality Quilt (45x45)

The video for this week's Quilt Lab is now available on the website video section or at the YouTube channel (link below). I think you will enjoy making this quilt. Next week, we will make the Variation B block.

Announcements for this week.

  1. There will not be Wednesday Workshop this week, but we will return on 4/24/24.

  2. Riley Blake Challenge Block 12 - Thursday 4/18/24.

  3. Quilt Lab - Sunday 4/21/24.

  4. Make sure to watch the daily SHORT (less than 60 seconds) for quick tips and previews.

Have a glorious week filled with love, joy, a little hard work ( I think it keeps us on our toes) and lots of quilting!

Sew Life Beautiful...


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