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The VLOG - We Have Lift Off and What I've Learned

Hello my friends -

Well, it has happened! I have launched the new Build A Quilt -ITH Block Basics Set I. It was a pretty exciting moment when the product went live and because my husband, Dave is as much a part of this journey, I had him press the button along with me. Thus, the picture of our hands.

I know, goofy, but memorable. Now, I should say that this would never have come to be without the suggestions, support and love from everyone that encouraged me over the years and especially all of our subscribers at Sew In Common. Seriously, there are such creative and talented people in this would and I believe that we have a really big bunch of that creativity on this journey with us. Thank you all!!!

Through all of the excitement, I have learned so many new things that have nothing to do with quilting. I feel like I just wrote my dissertation all over again. Let's start with digitizing the files. I started this process about 5 years ago and I thought I had it all figured out - WRONG! If you could only see the "Fails" that have been scattered around the studio, well you can probably imagine. It came down to organization, having a check list, so that I wouldn't miss a step. Now, I love that part of the process. Then, I moved on to pattern writing. I'll admit I've been all over the board on this, but again, the checklist and the creation of a good template made the difference. You'll see this new template style in the new Build A Quilt instructions and in the July Block of the Month pattern. I hope you will find it easy to follow.

Then there was the camera work, filming and film editing. Can I just say that I have a whole new admiration for people who have made filming and lighting a career. I'll also admit, that I'm still learning when it comes to these subjects. In the end everything has come together and I'm happy with the end product. My husband thinks I'm a genius, but I believe he is either deluded or being his super kind self and trying his best to support me. Isn't love grand!

So, the Build A Quilt is out there now in the quilting universe and I feel a little protective of it, but I want it to grow and find a place in the homes of quilters everywhere. I wish for it to help people find ease and joy in art of quilting. That can be a big task and the success of that marker is up to those that use the product. I'd love to hear from you and see your photos, as that will be the measure and it will help me to fine tune as the journey continues. Please, do not be shy to drop me an email, share a comment on the YouTube channel or the Facebook page - all named - Sew In Common so that they are easy to find.

Even though it is summer, it is still a perfect time of year to start or finish a quilt and I wish you the best on your journey.

You can purchase the Build A Block set at the website - It is listed at an introductory price through August 2023. And do not forget to download the FREE 2023 Blocks of the Month.

Until next time....

Sew Life Beautiful..


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