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The VLOG - My Life with Quilts - Hancock's of Paducah

In this edition of the VLOG, I will take you on a little tour of Hancock's of Paducah. Hancock's is truly a quilter's fabric-land dream. Plus, I have some show & tell items from my trip to Hancock's to show you. Our stop there was a bit short because we had to get to the family reunion, but I am planning a whole trip back for nothing more than spending time in this store. You should definitely arrive at Hancock's with a plan.

1) The manufacturer of any fabric that you are looking for. This is how the yardage is organized.

2) A fixed budget - cost can add up quickly and you should be aware of what you want to spend. It is like folks that go to Las Vegas without a plan for their time at the casinos. You can end up with trouble, if you're not prepared for what you wish to spend.

3) Do not plan to be there on the weekend. They are only open 9-3 on Saturday and they are closed on Sunday and Monday. You do not want to arrive with limited time or to find that they are closed.

4) If you can decide whether you want yardage or pre-cuts. Hancock's is split into two separate areas and you can spend a whole day in each. If you adore pre-cuts and quilt kits as I do, plan to go straight to the pre-cut are (basically a warehouse) and enjoy!!

5) Try to bring a list of the amounts of yardage that you need if you are buying for a specific quilt.

If you go with a plan in place, you will have an amazing time. I found that going without a plan made me feel anxious. That will not happen the next time.

Enjoy the video and Sew Life Beautiful...


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