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The Last Week

Hello --

   Well, it is the last week. The last week of 2023! I have been thinking about just what do you do with this week? Relax, chill, catch-up and of course spend a little time in the studio. Part of that studio time is for prepping for the new year. In this video, I will share some of my tips for prepping to start the new year off in a positive way and prepping for some beautiful quilting. That video link is below. What do you do? When you watch the video, let us know about the things you like to do in this last week....

  I also want to reminder you that you have three days and few hours left to grab any of the Free patterns or get the Build A Quilt Basic Sets at their Introductory price. This is another way to prep for 2024. Get all the patterns organized. I forgot to add that one to the video. Oopps.... website -

I am also adding the video from yesterday in case you missed it. It is all about my way of cleaning my hoops and my Christmas story, which is good for a laugh.

Well, it has been quite the year. Sorry about the crying (you'll see it in today's video,) but you all mean so much to me and it has been such an exciting, scary, amazing and wonderful year, and it is all because of you!!! From my home to yours, enjoy the rest of this year and have a very Happy New Year. See you in 2024 and we will.....

Sew Life Beautiful...


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