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The Christmas Waltz..

It's that time of year

When the world falls in love

Every song you hear seems to say

Merry Christmas

May your New Year dreams come true

This is just a stanza of one of my favorite holiday songs, "The Christmas Waltz. Of course it is sung in 3/4 time as the part of the lyrics remind. As quilters, we can appreciate a song with a specific timing as this one, am I right? Of course we do, for as quilters we are guided by that crazy 1/4 inch seam allowance. This song has always grabbed me, inspired me to be my better self. To give is better than to receive. Watching others, especially a child receive is more heartwarming than anything for me.

And that is the first point of this blog post. Giving ....

This year in 2023, I have tried my best to create patchwork in the hoop quilt patterns that I could share with all of you at no cost to yourself. Patterns that have brought over 180 thousand people all over the world together, creating and sewing life beautiful. It has been my joy and I hope that these patterns have brought you joy as well. However, now is the time, I feel for all of us to give back to the most in need, the children. That brings us to the Fanciful Floret pattern that I released this week. A lovely and simply 20x20 table topper/wall hanging.

So please let me share just a quick reminder that the NEW Fanciful Floret pattern is available on the website for only 5$. Better yet, 100% of the proceeds from this pattern will be going to Children In Need. This is our holiday campaign to support children with proper nutrition, medical care, clothing and a small holiday gift. The donation is going in the name of the "Subscribers to Sew In Common". In my opinion the best and most generous group of quilters that I know. Our donation will be sent on 12/15/23. Please purchase your pattern now, watch the "How To" video and create a beautiful quilted wreath table topper/wall hanging. Thank you, and may all of your New Year's dreams come true!

This week on Quilt Lab (Sunday full form video) I will be sharing info about binding. That little bit of fabric that adds the last touch to any quilt and of course serves as the simple covering for the quilt's raw edges. I have tips and tricks to share, and I will share my favorite binding techniques. If you have been waiting to complete quilts or small quilted projects, this video will hopefully inspire you to get your projects across the finish line.

As you will see in this photo, I am working on finish quilting for my own Fanciful Floret. I have truly loved this project. It worked up quickly and I am now planning several in various colors so that I have one for all different seasons. Are you going to make your Fanciful Floret in holiday fabrics or will you go wild and choose fabrics just because you love them? No matter, enjoy!

Now, I have one more FREE pattern set coming to you in 2023. This block will come in two sizes so that you will have options when it comes to using it. My way of saying Happy Holidays and Thank You for a wonderful year and for all of your love and support. No hints though, it is the holidays and I want it to be a surprise after all.

As for the New Year, we have lots of quilting coming our way. Get ready, get set.... and now just one last reminder, the Build A Quilt Block Basics Sets I & II are at introductory pricing until 12/31/2023 at the website, priced just right for gifting (even if you are gifting to yourself). The Special Edition Combo set of Basics Set I& II are at a remarkable price, but there are less that seven (7) of these limited sets available. Get yours now.

Okay, my dear dear friends. Each of you have blessed my year in ways, I cannot put properly into words, but know that each of you are truly special to me. So, let me take these last few words and wish you and your families all the best and many blessings as 2023 comes to an end. Now, you know what's coming.... Let us all hope for peace and joy in our world and

Sew Life Beautiful...


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