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Hello my quilting friends. Raise your hand if you understand the phrase, "It has been a month, this week." I'll bet that many of you understand what I mean. It has been a week not like many others, it goes something like this.

Tuesday - I had a cyst burst in my finger and tore some tendons as well. And it was on my left hand. Hello, I'm Diana and I am a lefty! Ugh!! Surgery may be in my future, but first there is six weeks of splinting and healing.

Wednesday - the house was hit by lightening. I mean a direct hit! The bolt fried our garage door opener and shook the house to the degree that I was thrown from my chair. We have black singe marks on the ceiling! And it knocked out the cable and internet for 48 hours.

Thursday - another storm knocked out power, cable and internet twice, but things came back on overnight. We now have had to have a new cable placed and they will be digging up the garden to place the cable underground.

Friday - It seemed to be a normal day, but something felt wrong. We found out what was wrong on Saturday morning....

Saturday - The starter on the car died. We had the car towed to the dealership and had to rent a car for a week because the can won't be ready until Thursday - I can only hope... Bye, bye to re-doing the floors in the studio... Ouch!

Sunday - the ants have invaded the house and my husband's computer isn't working and we are under a severe air quality warning due to the smoke that is still coming from Canada. I feel really badly for our neighbors to the North that are dealing with these horrendous fires.

Still, in the end I found a way to do some quilting work because piecing in the hoop can be done with one good hand and one splinted hand. That is just one reason that piecing in the hoop has become my favorite way of piecing after 50+ years of enjoying the art of quilting. I wanted to share this unseemly week with you all in order to share the idea that no matter what there is always a way to add the love of quilting to your daily life.

I always like to prep all of my fabrics and I had done that on Monday. So, I had everything ready for a new Friendship Block pattern.

You can see in the photo that I am not following the normal block format in that the center of the blocks are going to be the patterned fabric rather than the solid.

Remember, playing with a block's fabric layout is always allowed and if you love it, then it is just right. I can not wait to show you all the finished project. You are going to love making this one, so get some fabrics ready. There will be an info sheet coming soon.

Have you seen this Sunday's video yet? It is what many of you have been waiting for. It is Part 1 of the trip to the National Quilt Museum. I wanted to share it with all of my quilting friends and I know you will be inspired.

Check it out here at this link -

Quilting kept me sane this week and in the end, everything is or will be fine. I am blessed in many ways.

I am wishing you all a safe and happy week to come. I know that some of you may be in areas where the weather is really not cooperating and you are all in my thoughts daily. As quilters we can support one another and together we will always, Sew Life Beautiful...

Much love, my friends,


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