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Spring Blooms...

Hello Friends -

Spring is here, which is kind of odd as the end of winter felt like summer with above high temperatures and now in spring it feels like winter once again. In fact we have had snow in the last two days. I've gone from two weeks with sandals, back to my winter boots and coat. That will not, however, kept us from enjoying the blossoms of the season. Am I correct? Spring blooms are so lovely. The colors alone are enough to get me excited for this time of year, although I am a winter season type girl. So, this month in honor of the coming season, we are creating a Spring Blooms wall hanging. This project goes along with our block of the month - St. George's Cross. Links to the patterns are below. You'll want to watch this week's Quilt Lab video to learn all about mosaic applique and the beautiful tulips that can be made for the Spring Blooms project.

Now, how is everyone coming on with the Riley Blake lock Challenge? I'll freely admit that the Week 9 block - Woven Together was a true challenge for me. The digitizing went fine, although I ended up doubting myself and went into freefall over it on Friday. My apologies! All is well with the original design files, but you should open all of the seams, or it can pull in and you'll end up taking the block apart in order for it to fall into the correct size. This is what happens when I stay up until 3am in order to complete my tasks. No good, that's what happens. absolutely no good. All is well now and we can move forward. I am looking forward to seeing what this week's block challenge will be.

I also wish to share two updates or pieces of information regarding the website. I have begun posting all of the Quilt Lab, Workshop Wednesday and Riley Blake Challenge videos to the website. Honestly, I have tried getting all videos on the website in the past, but it just takes entirely too much room. So, I have settled on the three weekly series that we have going now. I realize that some you find getting to these videos easier from the website, so I hope this will help. However, don't forget to go to the YouTube channel to catch all of the other full videos, community posts (very important) and the shorts (great for announcements, tips, and fun info).

The other subject that I Want to touch on in regard to the website is the "search" function. You already know that patterns can be found from scrolling through them on the main page, but if you want to go directly to the patterns, it can be faster to type in the "keywords" in the search bar. This will take you directly to that pattern or only to the patterns with those keywords in the title. You can an example in the photo below.

Now, two announcements. On Tuesday 3/26/24 at 2pm CST we will be having the March Quilt Lab Zoom session. The email will go out in the earlier morning (my time) on Tuesday. Bring your questions, projects, etc... I look forward to spending time with all of the Quilt Lab subscribers. It's not too late to join the Quilt Lab subscription, you will receive all patterns that you've missed to date. Subscribe and learn more about the Quilt Lab subscription at the website - Also, the first FREE quarterly pattern will be sent to the subscribers on Monday 4/1/24.

Finally, there will be no Quilt Lab video on Sunday 3/31/24, in observance of Easter. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, take this time to spend with family and friends, enjoy the spring weather or work on your quilt projects. The April Block will go out on Sunday 4/7/24 and our Quilt Lab video will cover the new block in detail.

Have a wonderful week my friends. Thank you all for your support and quilty friendship. Each of you make my life better.

Sew Life Beautiful,


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