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She's a Groovy Girl....

One of my favorite things to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon is to stitch out a cute design on a blank and in the process create a fun little treasure for a friend, family member or just for myself. That is exactly what I did today. We woke with a jolt at about 4:30am when lightening struck right outside our home. Thankfully there was no damage except to my nervous system. That got the day off to an early start so I've had time to play and make this cute little zip bag, which is perfect for carrying my sunscreen, lip gloss and shades.

The great thing is that this design of the Sunny Girl (I call her a Groovy Girl) is completely Free to all of us. Yeah!!! Who doesn't like a free embroidery design. I added the lettering and you can as well with any lettering program that you have. Here is the fun news, Designs In Machine Embroidery (aka DIME) is releasing a Free Design each week during 2022 and on the last Thursday of the month, there is a project to go with the design, it too, is completely free. The Sunny Girl design and the rest can be found at the following website.

Grab a few or grab them all. You'll have great fun stitching out these beautifully digitized designs. If you need help you can always contact me here at Sew In Common and we can work through your questions.

Sew Life Beautiful.... Diana

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