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Sew In Common at Ikea Part 1

Hi Friends- Happy Monday!!! Have you seen this weeks episode of Sew In Common. Dave and I had so much fun filming from a remote location. I must admit that I was a bit nervous to film in front of the customers in the store, but everyone that stopped to watch were really nice and friendly. Didn't Dave do a fab job as my cameraman? And he did all of the editing as well. Let's remember that Dave has never done any of this and is completely self-taught. I was very impressed by him and very thankful that he was willing to take on this roll.

In this weeks Sew In Common episode I try to answer some of the questions that I have received about how to set-up a sewing space, whether tiny or mega. I hope you are inspired to see your own special sewing area in a new and fun way.... Although I chose to show you things from IKEA, you can look for these types of products anywhere that you shop. Perhaps keeping a list of items that you need and taking it with you will help. I suggest the following: 1) have measurements of your sewing space 2) a list of items that you need in your space 3) ideas for wall color or the overall colors that you want in the space. 4) A budget to help you with keeping to your finances. Remember, you can always put your space together one piece at a time. It's actually kind of fun to watch your space come together over time.

In this week's video I showed you some peg boards that are great for organization. I really love this product as it has really helps clear the table tops and expand your workable space. Although I really love the pegboards from IKEA, you can find pegboards at any hardware store or lumber yard. And if you want to add a pop of color to your space, just use a little spray paint on your pegboards to add that special touch of color. Here are some photos that might interest you.... The first one is just one of my personal pegboards. This one is located in my embroidery area. As you can see I hang a bit of everything on my boards - thread - snips - hoops - templates, etc... They really help me to keep my workspace clear. Also, there are a couple of photos of the IKEA pegboards in different colors.

I'm really looking forward to showing you next week's episode of Sew In Common - Remote from IKEA Part 2 - It's not just a furniture store.......

Enjoy your week and remember to always Sew Life Beautiful.... Diana

You can find this week's Sew In Common video and all of my other videos at the link below.

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