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Quilt Clips - Summer a Time to Play...

Hello Quilting Friends -

Summer is truly here. The weather although exceedingly hot, is definitely the weather of summer, the grass is green once again, flowers are in bloom and the gardens are being planted. However, for me summer is a time to play with my quilt blocks and see what comes about. For me, summer isn't a time to start a serious project. I just cannot keep my mind on that type of track. Instead, I like to pull out the stash, reintroduce myself to fabrics that have remained hidden from view for some time and feel the joy of seeing all the beautiful colors and prints once again. It is like a little reunion with my besties. How to do you quilt during the summer months? I am curious.

One thing that I am really having fun with is mixing and matching the different segment pieces of the Riley Blake Block Challenge. With sixteen different blocks, there are a huge amount of combinations that can be made and I am trying to see how many that I can come up with by Labor Day, in September. I would like to invite all of you to join me as well. Take photos of your combos and send them to me at by August 31st and I'll devote and entire Quilt Lab episode to sharing them. Can you imagine the quilts we can make together? I cannot wait to see all of the ideas!! The full Riley Blake Block Challenge set is available for FREE so get yours. There are sixteen blocks to play with and you can also use the May and June Quilt Lab block sets as well, as they both come in the 10x10 size. I have shown some mix and match blocks in this month's Quilt Lab videos, so check those out for inspiration...

Example of Mixing Segments

In this photo, I am showing how you can mix different segments to create beautiful new blocks from the May and June blocks. By using the Riley Blake Blocks as well, the new blocks to be made are almost limitless. So, go play and have fun!

Here at Sew In Common, we have also started Wednesday Workshop LIVE and I am having a super fun time. We have met twice so far and I cannot express how wonderful it is to have the live interaction with you all. I hope so whole heartedly that you all are enjoying yourselves as much as I am. We go LIVE on Wednesday nights at 6pm CST and we meet for one hour. You can catch the Replay of our first two workshops under the "LIVE" tab on the YouTube channel @sewincommon. If you have the time, please plan on joining us. We have just begun a new project that we are working on during the workshop from my newest collection - My First Build Quilt. Let me tell you about this collection.

My First Build A Quilt is all about skill building with the Build A Quilt system whether you are a new or experienced quilter. Plus, these pattern sets also come with the finish quilting designs so that you can make the project from "soup to nuts" all with the one pattern set. The first pattern is called Stars and Diamonds. It is a 20x20 table topper, that can also be used as an expanded size block to create a larger quilt or runner. In that way you can make a finished project of your choice with the pattern. And as it is my goal to make sure that anyone and everyone that wants to learn to quilt, can do so, it is my plan to make these patterns during LIVE events so that we are together and you can get your questions answered as you have them. Plus. it is such fun to quilt together. Quilting together is a part of this art forms history and whether physically together or virtually together that time create joy and community.

There are also some new videos coming out that I am calling "Quick Quilt Minis." Short videos between 5-10 mins. These videos are answers to your questions and other tips in a short demonstration form. Please send me your ideas or questions at and I'll get those minis made and posted. I want this to be your quilting community and I want to make sure that you are included and getting the information that you want.

Sample of one Quick Quilt Mini

So, my final words are that summer is a time for play and that can mean playing with your quilting. Mixing and matching blocks, learning new quilting tricks and joining one another and creating together during a workshop. No matter how you play during your good old summertime, enjoy, have fun, spread love and good will and of course...

Sew Life Beautiful....


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