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Oh, The Quilts We Will Quilt....

Happy New Year, Everyone!!! I am ready for this new year to be the best of the best so far. How about you? Are you ready for a fun and fantastic year in your life? Well, here at Sew In Common, we are going to try to help make the year one of your best. Because after all, quilting always makes things better.

I am not a person that makes resolutions. I feel that they are way to set us up to fail, as none of know what might be right around the corner to mess up the plan. However, I do like to have a few things that I want to try in the year. So, for this year, I have joined an online book group sponsored by my Alumni Association (I love reading and a book group can really expand how we think about different things and it allows me to be social while living in rural area.) I am also auditioning for a new musical with our regional theater, Seussical The Musical and Dave is going to audition as well. Doctor Seuss is my Walt Disney. I love the books and I spent over a year studying his life and his writing for my thesis. Also, a musical will allow for good exercise in the dance and keep my voice in shape (use it or lose it.) My cousin and I have agreed to take over the planning of our family reunion in order to give our aunts a break. That in and of itself will bring lots of twists and turns and it is a great way to get to know my younger cousin even better. And, the biggest challenge for me this year is that I am finally taking guitar lessons. I play other instruments, but guitar has been a life long dream. My instrument arrives in about a week. I had to order it as I needed a guitar for lefties. I am truly excited beyond rational thought for this one! Yeah!!! Now, lest you think that I have forgotten one very important thing, I have just saved it for last, I have so many plans for Sew In Common and oh the "Quilts we will Quilt" (a little Seuss word play there).

So, let us chat for a moment about inspiration for quilts. How we do we decide what quilts to make? What level of challenge are we willing to take when making new quilts. Where do we look for ideas? Here is one of my favorite tips, look in your magazines, catalogs, etc. I receive a catalog once a quarter and they always have faux quilts and wooden quilt plaques. I rip out those sheets and keep them in my notebook. They are great way to get my imagination going. I try to think about how I would change the color, the size, etc... Here are a few photos and just about all of them can be made with the Build A Quilt Basics Set 1 &2.

This gorgeous sunflower cabinet will make a beautiful wall quilt made with half-square triangles, modified HST's and diamonds in a square. This is one we might make together this year. Stay tuned.

And this beauty is perfect as throw quilt or table runner. Perhaps a bed runner. I love bed runners. They are a simple piece that can add a real spark to the bedroom decor. Make a few different bed runners and change them out as you get the whim...

And finally, this amazing star quilt. So very easy with the Build A Quilt Basics. How would you play with the colors for this quilt? Think of it as a scrapy quilt or in the colors of your home decor. Can't you just see it hanging on a wall or draped across a guest bed! Wow!!! Everyone will want stay the night at your place, just to sleep under your quilts.

Now is the time to start collecting your inspiration pieces. Right at the beginning of this new year. You may make some or you may just use them as inspirational pieces.

Here is your first "Challenge for 2024". Find an inspirational design and send me the photo at When I receive the photos, we will vote on them in the group and I'll design a Quilt Along for this year. This will be just one of the Quilt Alongs for the year, but something makes me think it will be one of our favorites. Please send your photos to me by 2/15/24.

OK, my friends. In 2024 let's quilt more and stress less. Let us all,

Sew Life Beautiful...


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