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Good Gadgets...

Hello Friends -

I have a question right up front, do you get goofy over gadgets like I do? Do you get excited when you're in the gadget department of your local fabric store? If so, you have what I call "gadgetitis." I am sorry to say that I have no cure for gadgetitis, but I do have a way for you to get some help and understanding of all of those fabulous tools. My video series Good Gadgets can help. In this video series, I try and review all kinds of sewing, quilting and embroidery tools, a.k.a. good gadgets. I have used all of these products and am not paid to review or promote them. I do hope that they help you make your best decisions before purchasing all of those tempting good gadgets.

Season 2 of Good Gadgets has now begun. There are already two new videos posted on my YouTube channel. You can also view all of Season 1 of Good Gadgets on my YouTube channel as well.

Good Gadgets Season 2 Episode 1 -

All other Good Gadgets episodes are available at my YouTube Channel -

You may also view all of my other videos on the channel for quilting and machine embroidery. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the little bell in order to receive a notification when I post new content.

As always, Sew Life Beautiful...

Diana Mullins-Atkinson

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