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Fun with Lace

Hi Friends -

Have you ever wondered how they make beautiful intricate lace? I know that I always wanted to be able to understand that process. I've made my own lace by knitting cobweb weight yarns, but talk about time consuming. Ugh!! And in truth, knitted lace does not always work for every project. However, there is a way to make lace for formal wear and everyday use as well. All you need is an embroidery machine and a design.... It's truly a game changer.

You can purchase lace designs to make with your embroidery machine. Fantastic!! You can also design your own lace. Like WOWZER!!! And you can do just that with a lace making software system. I know, software, NO, YIKES, I can't!!! Oh you can! I'm not talking about learning to digitize, I'm talking about a fun experience to let your creativity thrive. Before you know it you'll be making beautiful pieces of lace.

When you use a lace making software system, you can make it to be Free Standing or Applied. Free standing lace is just that, after you wash away the water soluble stabilizer, the thread that makes up the lace stays together in the shape that you've created. Applied lace is embroidered directly onto fabric, whether it is a garment, a placemat or a bridal veil. With software you are the artist and you make all the decisions. You will make truly one of a kind embroidered pieces.

In my newest episode of Sew In Common - Stitch with M.E. I walk you through the lace making process. We discuss both Free Standing and Applied lace. You won't believe how simple and how fun this process can be. In future episode of my Lace series, we will delve into both forms of lace in more detail and I will have designs available to purchase for a minimal fee, so that you can make your beautiful projects with the designs that are created. In that way you can stitch along or use the design in your own personal project.

Enjoy - Stitch with M.E. Fun with Lace - Part 1.

As always,

Sew Life Beautiful....


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