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Caring Time....

Have you heard the child's rhyme, "Caring time is a sharing time"? Probably, but it really goes beyond teaching children to be kind, at least it does for me. I am still on the Spring Clean journey and I started thinking about something, which lead me to that little verse. If we care for our tools, they will care for us by always being ready to do the job in which they were created. So, this week, I got out the iron and decided to give it a good going over with a new product (to me) that I was introduced to about a year ago. The product is called Iron Clean by Bo-Nash.

I have tried lots of iron cleaning products and to be honest, I just never liked any of them enough to talk about them. That is not the case with Iron Clean. It really did the trick, especially on part of the iron that I can never keep or get fully clean.

In all honesty, my iron does get all that dirty on the bottom, the little crevice that runs around the iron is always a mess.

I will link the little video that I made showing how this product works, but this is gunk that it removed from that crevice.

I know, it's disgusting! Iron Clean really got this space clean and that alone sold me on the product. You can ask for these at your local shop.

While I was on cleaning spurge, I also got out all of my hoops and gave them a good wipe down. Even daily dust that gets into the working of an item can in the end cause damage. So, Caring for our tools will keep them going and us quilting for a long time to come.

And on the subject of caring and sharing, this month I wanted to share some extras with all of you in the monthly Quilt Lab pattern set. The block 54-40 or Fight seems to be quite popular among a lot of you, as some of you have asked me about making this block. Little did you know that it was already on the schedule. And as this is one of those blocks with a few variation, I went ahead and added the extra segment pieces to the pattern set so that we can make a great 45x45 wall hanging by the end of the month. Get your pattern set at the website (link below).

I hope that you all will enjoy this project. I have loved putting it together, the Project name is called Totality. I bet that many of you will get that reference because you all know that I am a little Total Eclipse crazy at the moment. Next week on Quilt Lab, we will work on Variation A and talk about the project in more detail. Yeah!! A new full wall quilt just in time for Spring and Summer. Always a great idea to hang new quilts when the season changes.

Enjoy Eclipse Day, the week and life in all its glory. I cannot wait to build our new quilt with you all.

Sew Life Beautiful...


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