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Build A Quilt with a Log Cabin...

Hi Quilty Friends -

Well, I think Spring may have truly arrived. I thought so a few weeks ago, but then we got a dusting of snow and some additional cold weather. However, it had been so nice that I was already in the Spring Quilting mode, which is way more fun than Spring Cleaning (I still need to do that as well - ugh! ). I started going through some of my larger scrap pieces and found myself being drawn to one of my favorite blocks to make, the Log Cabin. Although it was not my first quilt block ever, it was my first block to make using my sewing machine, rather than hand piecing, back in the late 1970's. So, why not make it your first or one of your first 21st century patchwork blocks, with Build A Quilt. We worked on this block last year, along with some of the variations. However, there are so many new subscribers that I want to re-introduce this block to everyone.

The log cabin has a rich history in America starting around the mid-1800's. A red center symbolizes the hearth of home. I've also read that a yellow center can symbolize the morning light coming through the window to welcome the day. I love that symbolism. I can see a home in the early morning, where things are still quite but coming to life and the light of the morning sun bursting through the window, greeting everyone and filling the home with the sparkle of a new day. And then there is a very important symbol, if the block had a black center. That represented a safe home on the trail of the Underground Railroad. Those escaping slavery and going North would know that this was a safe place and that they might receive help. That really shows the power of quilting in my mind. And now in the 21st century, log cabin quilts are made in all sorts of colors for no other reason than beauty. A truly rich history for this simple, fun and in some ways elegant little block.

The Original Lag Cabin Block

We have several videos for this subject as it was our May 2023 Block of the Month. You can watch all of these at the Sew In Common YouTube channel. Plus, there is a lovely project that you can make. Pattern sets and BAQ Block sets are all at the website. I will put the links below to take you directly to the items. This might be the perfect project to get you inspired for Spring Quilting as well.

Shing Star Topper

This week was also our Quilt Lab Subscribers Zoom session for March and we had a lovely time. I understand a few of you were not able to come due to the time. I do apologize for that, but I have tried to make schedule the session at a time that works for most subscribers. These sessions are not recorded due to stricter privacy regulations, but I am working on a way to fill you all in on the finer points of the event. One option is for me to due a video of all the information that I want to share and let each of you watch and reply with your questions, etc.. This would take the place of the LIVE, but the video would be private for subscribers only. You can drop me a line on your thoughts at

Please remember that this Sunday there will not be a Quilt Lab in observance of the Easter Holiday. However, in the new week we have lots going on, Wednesday Workshop Panels and Build a Quilt Part 4, Riley Blake Thursday will return after a one week hiatus from Riley Blake and of Course on Sunday 4/7/24 I will be introducing the NEW April Quilt Lab block set.

Enjoy your weekend, spend time with family and friends and perhaps you will take a little time to build a few log cabin blocks or teach someone else to do so. Oh what a quilter you are...

Sew Life Beautiful...


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