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Autumn Splendor and Short Clips

Happy Autumn!!! It is truly my favorite time of year. And this year Autumn has arrived in all her splendor. The colors are already brightly vibrant and the air is crisp. The sun has done that thing it does when Autumn arrives. You know what I mean, the sun is gloriously bright, but not harsh, it feels more welcoming.

Yesterday was truly the most beautiful and perfect Autumn day. We had to take a trip to a small town where one of my favorite fabric shops is located and we even had lunch by the river. I actually had a legit reason for traveling an hour and half to a fabric shop and you all know that is not always the case. I'm still waiting for an embroidery hoop that was ordered in May. Indeed, the pandemic is still exerting itself when it comes to the shipping of goods. Oh well, I wait patiently and it was still a great trip because all of the Autumn Flannels have arrived.

Flannels are perfect for making rag quilts, which seem to be making a come back. And why not, they are easy and fun to make. Flannel is also fantastic to use as your quilt backing. It adds just the right amount of softness and extra warmth. So, check in with your local retailer and take a look at their collection of Autumn Flannels.

I also have some exciting news. Do you like videos that are quick clips, less than a minute, literally less than 60 seconds? Then you are going to enjoy my new YouTube - Shorts. Quick little tip clips and they are always available, they don't go away. There are three ways that you can view our Here's What We Know Shorts,

1) Check out the Shorts tab in YouTube.

2) They are also listed on my YouTube channel below the full length videos.

3) Or right here on the website.

I am publishing a minimum or three Shorts a week and that's a lot clips. So, I would love to know what topics you'd like to see covered. Please drop me an email at Here is the short for Autumn Flannels so that you see what they are like. There are several others in the video section on the website or on the YouTube channel.

Well, I'm wishing you all a wonderful autumn season and we will start prepping for some holiday designs this week. Stay tuned and..

Sew Life Beautiful..


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