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A Few of My Favorite Things....

When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feel so bad

Hello Everyone -

Can you name the tune from the lyrics above??? Of course it is " A Few of My Favorite Things," from the film, The Sound of Music. I am not sure how this tune has become a recent Christmas holiday favorite, it was not a holiday song at all when I was growing-up, but regardless of its recent transition to holiday favorite, it is perfect start for my Quilters Favorites List 2023. So, whether you have gifts to give or wishes to make, here are a few things that every quilter may love seeing in their Christmas Stocking or wrapped up in ribbon and string under the tree.

  1. Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Scissors Medium 6"-Blue

2. Quilter's Select 3x12 Non-Slip Ruler

No quilter should be without a 3x12 ruler, especially those that use the Build A Quilt (BAQ) System. Why? This ruler has a wonderful non-slip to keep it right where you put it. The big plus for me is that it has really well marked spacing lines, especially the 1/4 inch line which is exactly what you need when trimming your BAQ Segment block from the stabilizer. They retail for roughly, 12$-24$ depending on the retailer. Available at loval quilt shops and online quilting retailers.

3. O.E.S.D. Easy Snips

The little squeezy snips with the hook. This little project is genius. The llittle hook is exactly the perfect thing for taking out thread from seams or removing finished quilting that needs to be re-stitched. Remember, the Kaleidescope Quilt? As I've been taking out the quiting to re-stitch, I have used my Easy Snips and they are saving time and making this a much easier task. When binding, you'll want these in your binding kit. These retail from O.E.S.D. for 21.99$ and sometimes they may be purchased on sale. Local fabric retailers may offer them as well.

4. Fabric

One of my favorite gifts to give or recieve is fat-quarter bundles. There is plenty of fabric in one bundle for at least a good sized, scrappy throw quilt top and binding. If you gifting a bundle, try and find the recievers favortie designer or favorite colors. I never mind receiving duplicates of my favorite designer's collection, so do not worry about that. Just wrap and tie on a pair of Easy Snips with the ribbon and the receiver will be thrilled. Prices vary widely depending on the fabric.

example only

There you go dear friends, just a few ideas that will help get you through the holiday shopping. However, there is one more thing that I really should mention and that id of course the Build A Quilt Set 1 and/or Set 2. Both sets are on sale and make the perfect gift to give or recieve.

Sale 35$ (regularly 50$) Sale ends 12/31/23

Sale 35$ (regularly 50$) Sale ends 12/31/23

Les than five combo sets left and thecombo sale ends on 12/15/23- 55$ for both sets.

And of course there is our Fanciful loret design that is perfect to make and gift this holiday season. All proceeds go to Children In Need in the name of the Subscribers of Sew In Common on 12/15/23 - Only 5$.

Please join us this Sunday for the weekly Quilt Lab. Lots more fun to come before the end of 2023. Until next time...

Sew Life Beutiful,


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